About Us

RAWRR.; spaces where we hold conversations.

A brand started by 2 sisters. The idea of starting RAWRR. was simply wanting to create something handmade, a product that speaks for itself.

That is why we created RAWRR. which also happens to be "I Love You" in the dinosaur language.

We believe in being in the moment - mornings in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee, a quiet afternoon with birds chirping outside the window, or a night of gathering at home with your closest friends. Every product has been thoughtfully put together and has a story behind it, and I am so excited to be able to share this with you today.

Our Candles

We use 100% Soy Wax for a clean burn, without compromising on its scent throw.

We also use wooden wicks in our candles to provide a soothing crackle to emulate a gentle fireplace! They also release a stronger scent throw without being overwhelming.

Our material is thoughtfully sourced from established suppliers based in the United States and made here in Singapore.

We want to ensure the products we bring in are what we will use in our own homes.

Every candle is responsibly made in small batches, and carefully packaged here in Singapore. We strive to create products honestly and also constantly work towards a more sustainable friendly​ business.

Our Mission

We believe scent is a mood changer in different spaces and for different people; to create products that form a reminder to take in every moment and always appreciate the beauty of imperfections, impermanent, and incompleteness. We take a conscious effort to reduce plastic in our packaging and strive towards being socially responsible.